Virtual Leadership Skills: Unlocking Remote Leadership Success

16 Mission-Critical Skills In 4 Areas That Impact Your Career And Your Organization

About This Book

Virtual work has its own dynamics. Most of the paradigms of the classic office world do not work in a virtual environment. Cognizant leaders have quickly realized that leading virtual teams effectively requires more than video conferencing software and online collaboration tools. A lack of virtual leadership skills is more noticeable in remote, hybrid, and virtual teams. 

This book covers mission-critical skills to thrive as a virtual, remote leader. The author answers the question how you groom these skills in your organization and use them to attract and retain talent.

This publication is the second release tackling the challenges of remote and virtual leadership. The first book addressed the goals of creating high-performing remote teams while this book focuses on the individual leader. However, it also shares options for leaders to foster mission-critical skills in their organization. 

Learn 16 mission-critical skills in four areas that will impact your career trajectory as a leader and benefit your organization:

  •  Improve your communication skills
  • Learn to mobilize and enable teams
  • Improve problem-solving 
  • Foster adaptability to navigate change and realize opportunities

About The Author

Corinna Hagen is a Leadership Communication Coach and Career Coach based in Dallas, Texas. She has worked remotely for nearly 15 years and consulted Fortune 500 firms and startups to launch innovative products and services, transform organizations, and develop talent through training and coaching.

Corinna works with emerging leaders and specializes in leadership communication as well as individual and team performance growth. Her work has been received as transformational as paradigms are shifted, greater awareness is achieved and skills are built and refined. 

In 2021, she launched her first successful book, “High-Performance Virtual Work – How Leaders Create Effective Virtual Workplaces.” Her first release and the complementary Bookboon Expert Talks (audio editions) were well received. They validated the magnitude of the challenge that remote work represents in organizations and for leaders today. 

You can follow her on LinkedIn or join the LinkedIn monthly newsletter called Leading Choices, or subscribe to the Leading Choices newsletter delivered via email. 


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