How To Turn Your Boring Job Into A Role You Love

Nov 29, 2018 · 4 min read

Excellent salary, great perks, nice coworkers… you really can’t complain. Well, you shouldn’t, but you are bored out of your mind in your role. You can do your work in your sleep.


Wait…where were we… ah, yah, sorry, you probably just dozed off because you’re so bored.

There is too much of ‘meh’ and not a lot of ‘yay’ in your assignments. Should you look for another job (again)?

You like this place. Just staying in that position makes you feel like a sellout. Even worse: you are putting your career at risk because you’re not growing, not learning anything and not putting all your inner magic to work.

You have so much more to offer!

Spreadsheets and meetings… this can’t be it! You are a superfly success machine! Say it!

It’s time to let the world know!

How To Discover The Hero In You

You can’t expect the world to request your talent if they don’t know what it is.

Before you throw in the towel because you’re bored and underappreciated, make a list of the things you’re not appreciated for and where you could apply them.

Not sure what you want to do? Pull your friends in. They know you well. Brainstorm with them. Ask them what they would say “lights you up” like nothing else. Some outside perspective can ignite new ideas.

Are there hobbies you entertain or side projects that get you lost in time because you enjoy them so much? What opportunities do you see to apply them at work?

Work Hard Play Hard? Nah. Time To Play.

Is there room in your current role to apply your superhero skills and refine your raw talent? How about elsewhere in your organization?

Play around. Yes, play.

Life is serious enough and you’re not happy where you are. That’s a sad place to be and there’s no law against a little fun.

So when you find something that remotely excites you, volunteer for it.

You could even earn some cash as a side gig by offering your services for little to nothing while you run this experiment or build your reputation. FiverrUpworkMaistroMaven… the opportunities are nearly endless and the barriers to entry ultra low.

How to Pitch Your Hero-Self For An Exciting Job

If you’re like most people, you are good at something, but not exactly excellent in selling it. You don’t know how to get the word out or you are not the persuasive type?

No biggie.

Try my simple formula for the most basic pitch:

Their Need + Your Value + Why Choose You + Action Request

Still lost? I’ll break it down.

Their Need: You have to identify what people need (companies are made up of people, too). Save time and get things done faster, better or nicer or done at all (so you’re the expert for things they can’t figure out). Save money or get them more of it. On and on it goes. Identify what others want first before jumping to creating offers you haven’t verified.

Your Value: This is what you bring to the table. It’s the fix, the time-saver or money gainer. You’ve got it, you bring it. Bam! Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Not so fast…

Why Choose You: Right. Your value alone won’t do the trick unless you operate in a bubble. Other people offer stuff that sounds just like yours. Oops! No problem. You just tell them why you’re the best choice so they know not to go elsewhere for second-best. You got this!

Action Request: Don’t leave them wanting. Nudge nudge! Order now! Contact me! Marketing calls it “call-to-action” and that’s what you are looking for. Ask and you shall receive.

It’s Hero Homecoming Time: Time To Change Your Role

Whether you’ve decided to venture out to platforms outside of work to show off your skills or identified opportunities in-house — make it known.

Let’s say you’ve gained experience in coding or design work through your side gigs. How will people know?

Find coworkers in the areas you would like to work in and network with them. Or, if you’re going to meet an unmet need in your team and want to expand your role, follow the simplified pitch formula above and tell your boss.

Volunteer smaller samples of your work for quick fixes, if possible. That’s a great way to provide value while showing off your skills.

You’ll Never Know If You’ll Never Try!

You always have more than one option. Staying or leaving a job are just two very narrow options. Instant job satisfaction isn’t entirely impossible, but rare.

If you like the company you’re working for and you’re just bored, unchallenged or want to do something different, you don’t have to give up your job.

Take charge of your career and voice interest in your growth at work.

Feels risky?

What if you don’t act? What if you try and you like the result?

Just sayin’.

(Image by Patrick Fore)

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