Leadership Coaching

Whether you are looking to rise to a leadership position or to refine your leadership ability, transform your team, gain confidence, learn to communicate effectively with executives or solve operational challenges: coaching will bring you the clarity and the actionable steps to achieve your goals.

Business Planning Workshops

You’ve got a basic idea and need some help putting a framework around it? A business planning workshop is structured to fit your needs and can be tailored to a half-day or multi-day meeting. You can cover just the value proposition, business and pricing model or the entire business plan from idea to execution plan.

Creating Your Perfect Pitch

Do you freeze when you are put on the spot and asked what to do? Be prepared! Let me help you create your elevator pitch, networking introduction, your value proposition or even your product message to sell to your target audience. Hundreds of people have benefited from it, and you can, too.

Sales Workshops

Stop the bleeding. Retain your customers in the fiercest markets and win new clients in competitive markets. Motivate your salesforce to create leads with storytelling techniques and build confident sales executives who are brand ambassadors and shorten your lead-to-win time!

Pitch Rehearsal

Are you ready for the big day? If you are giving a speech or have an upcoming interview or you are pitching to investors, this is for you. Investor pitch mock runs include hands-on feedback for your business plan as well.